Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome ALL Ingenious Cache Inventors!!!

Release the Geocache Mad Scientist in all of us!

Geocaching is a very addictive game where you use a GPS unit and a multimillion dollar satellite floating around in outer space to find creatively designed containers or “caches” hidden all around our planet.

This blog is dedicated to all the Ingenious Cache Inventors out there who love making these wonder boxes almost as much as they do finding them. So whether you spend countless hours with pvc pipe, pinecones and waterproof glue or just appreciate the effort. Read through this collection of photographs, how to tutorials and good old fashion discussions on our favorite subject – unique and imaginative geocaches.
Please feel free to send any and all submissions (include photos when possible) about your inventive caches to

This cache is a spin-off from HeadHardHat’s frequently visited geocaching based blog: “GeoCache: I'm NOT Obsessed... Right?”. Be sure to stop on by and read more about the ongoing adventures of HeadHardHat.

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Sumajman said...

HHH, Great idea. I appreciate you pulling this all together. It will be interesting and informative. I'll send in one that I found today.