Monday, September 15, 2008

From The Email Bag: Wvangler's Random Musings

Just in from our Email Bag: Just some random musings on caches I’ve found. One was a slender microtube that was pushed into the end of one of those pieces of plastic landscaping edging. The top part of the edging is a long tubular section attached to a flat section that is pushed into the ground. The cache tube was inserted into the end and was a tough one to recognize.

One more that gave me fits was around a mall area. It was one of those random number/letter magnets stuck to the outside of an air conditioning unit. I looked forever and logged it as a “did not find” and then one day was researching cache’s on ebay when I discovered someone selling these. I knew instantly that was what that particular cache was so I returned and logged it.

Lastly, at a local rest area someone made a cache out of an electrical box. They put fake screws on the cover plate and attached magnets inside. Then they screwed the electrical box to the wall right beside the payphone. I have no idea how or if they got permission to do this, but it was an ingenious cache.

I have a metal lathe and have some ideas on boring out bolts to put microcaches inside. I hate to order stuff like bison tubes online. Are there any small nano style containers that you know of other than the bison tubes that are more readily available?

The best that I can think of is the small Carmex lip balm cans, but hate to waste all that lip balm just to get the can and it is still kind of large.

Thanks. Phil Smith (wvangler)

Great Stuff Phil! Maybe you could send in some lathe photos boring out bolts. Would be a fantastic addition to our ingenious collection. BTW - I have actually stopped in Sissonville, WV going back and forth from NC to Michigan. Small world! -HHH

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