Friday, September 19, 2008

Cache Inventor Updates

Greetings all - HeadHardHat here,

Email Subscription

Couple of things going on. First off we received a very nice comment about our blog from emcofnorthridge who asked if we could set up an email subscription. Not a problem, if you go to the right side column of either of our blogs and you will find an email subscription widget. Put in your email and do a quick comformation and anytime we post you will get the update. You can also visit our California friends of northridge by going to this link: and thanks again for the suggestion!

Upcoming Article About Glues

Been asking around by people who know, a.k.a fellow cachers, as to what are the best adhesives we can use to make caches. For example, what is the best glue to use for connecting a magnet to a 35mm container or what do you use to connect PVC pipe to concrete. I have been getting some really interesting information of which will be shared to you when I get back from my Boston trip. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them in.

GeoSnippits You Tube Videos Welcomed

If you go over to my "I'm Not Obsessed" blog or put headhardhat in You Tube's search field you can see my first edition of GeoSnippits which will be a series of tutorials about everything geocaching. I have received a host of nice compliments and suggestions for other videos. Even though I am not even close to running out of ideas any from you will come to the top of the list so send them in.

Well that's it for now. I should be able to get at least some posts in next week but if not I will at least send in a postcard from Boston, Mass.

See ya soon,


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