Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Favorite Caches From Equador

Steve King from Equador wrote in about one of his ingenious cache favorites.

Steve writes:

HHH: I like this new website. Thanks for pulling this together.

One of my favorite caches is in the picture I’ve attached. So as not to create too much of a spoiler, I won’t say where it is or give specific information about the actual cache. A friend and I searched around expecting a magnetic. Finally the name of the cache proved to be the clue and I found it. Now I don’t know what permission the owner had to do this but to me this was a unique and ingenious cache. He took a nut and bolt, fixed them together so that when the nut is screwed onto the bolt fixed to the guardrail structure there is a permanent opening created within. That’s where the plastic sleeve with the log was located.

Steve King

Quito, Ecuador

Thanks Steve, it always amazes me how creative the geo-inventors can be. Thanks for your contribution. -HHH

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