Monday, February 23, 2009

How To Make Your Own 35mm Geocache Containers Tutorial Video

I woke up this morning with about ten different ideas for what I wanted to do for my next GeoSnippits Tutorial Video. I reached over and started reading my emails via my blackberry phone. Isn't technology wonderful?

One of the first was an email from a very fine grandfather known as obxnomad a.k.a. Bob.
He mentioned how his grandson and he loved watching GeoSnippits and reading my blog. He also mentioned how it would be great if I made a tutorial on how to put together and place a geocache. It took me about half a second to think of how I would do it and what a great suggestion that it was. Needless to say thanks to Bob our latest and greatest GeoSnippits is now live on youtube.

Here it is:

I liked the idea so much that I have decided to do an entire series based on the viewpoint of putting out each size of geocache for the first time. In this video we concentrate on 35mm containers. We show how to cammi them up and some great suggestions on where to hide them in the wild. The next video will be on the small size but instead of concentrating more on the making of the geocache (which we will go over) but instead we will focus on finding good places to hide that size geocache. As we progress up through the sizes you will gain more and more information until you are a well informed geocacher.

You can look forward to the future episodes in the weeks to come. Keep checking on our GeoSnippits website at, this blog or on youtube.


Ruffslitch said...

My Cub SCout and I just watched this for hints on getting started-thanks for a fun video!

Anonymous said...

great blog. You need a subscribe button ! I will just add ya to my favorites. Great ideas.

Kelsi said...
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Brittany said...

Me, my sister, and my dad have just started geocaching. I've wanted to make a geocache to place, and this has really helped!

Tip on placing geocaches:

Try not to use little metal containers (such as altoids box), because if it gets wet, they rust, and it really doesn't work out well!