Sunday, September 12, 2010

GeoSnippits - Make Your Own Evil Nano Geocache

One of the really cool features about geocaching is the ability for geocachers to invent geocaches. The possibilities are almost endless and limited only to our imagination. One thing for sure is if someone creates a geocache and the design is solid others will modify it to their liking. That is the way it should be and keeps the game, sport, obsession fresh and fun.

This particular geocache is one of those adaptations. It originated from my How To Make An Evil Ant Hill Geocache video of which I made last year. Recently I received an email from Seth Jones who sent in some photos where he made a geocache based off the Ant Hill geocache and instead of using bondo he used a plastic resin. Check out the post I made about it here.

I was immediately intrigued and had to make some geocache versions for myself. This video shows how I made them and the end results. I completely expect our viewers to come up with their adaptations as well.

If the viewer above does not display, please use this link to view the video.

As usual your comments, show suggestions, etc. are welcome. Please be sure to send in photos of your geocache ideas. They may get posted in one of our upcoming GeoSnippits videos.

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